Nile River Capital


Nile River Capital provides short-term capital to contractors and small suppliers as an alternative to traditional financing.  Options to bridge this gap include hard money  and merchant cash advance lenders; traditional lenders typically decline small contractors.  Consider that a small contractor may begin a project and fund materials and labor costs until submitting the first invoice (generally 30 days), then must continue paying these costs for another 30, 60, or 90 days until payment for the initial invoice is received.  Many small contractors do not have 60, 90, or 120 days of available cash to simply perform on a contract.  Options to bridge this gap include hard money and merchant cash advance lenders, and traditional lenders typically decline small contractors.  Nile River Capital provides an alternative, and funds contractors while they await progress payments for projects. Contractors also receive technical assistance focused on improving back-office capability, job performance, and general business support functions.  Nile River Capital has been supported by mission-focused investors that share our vision of using construction and construction-related activities as paths to job and wealth creation for contractors and their employees.