Urban Advisors is an impact investment consulting firm

focused on solving economic inequality for

communities and people of color.

Who is Urban Advisors?

For the past 11 years, we have designed, executed, and managed over one hundred financial transactions targeting small businesses, commercial real estate, healthy food, affordable housing and disaster recovery.  We specialize in creating business enterprises and financial products that address asset, equity, and income inequality for marginalized and underserved markets, communities, and people.

Our ownership team and staff are comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds to including investment banking, management consulting, economic development, finance and social services, which allows us to leverage community relationships to create financial products that empower people.

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Design and develop community based strategies to creatively solve asset and income inequality challenges.


Link high impact asset and income inequality solutions with impact investors 


Create infrastructure, systems, and strategy to achieve financial sustainability and maximize quality of life for people of color.

Client Engagments

Urban Advisors has worked with clients to develop initiatives that address small business financing, disaster recovery, low income housing, food insecurity, and other social issues. 

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UA Initiatives

Urban Advisors has developed two funding programs that address the capital and technical assistance needs of small businesses and minority contractors.

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